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The rash over the skin which is usually manifested as the apparition of the red and itchy small bumps over the surface of the skin is very common skin problem. Also, it is very common indicator of some underlying health condition, and not only the ones related to the skin. For example, it can figure as the consequence of some internal infection caused by some parasite, of it can be as well the manifestation of an auto-immune allergic response to some harmful substance.The rash of the circular shape and its triggers

Nevertheless, the most common provoker of these annoying bumps, when they are arranged in the specific circular shape over the skin, is a type of the inflammation, medically called eczema. This widespread ailment isn’t so serious condition, but it is very persistent and stubborn. That is why it should be treated at the very first notion of these red bumps, because, in the advanced stages, the problem turns out to be more and more complex. That is, the small bumps firstly become the blister-like formations, which gradually become edemas and, eventually, turn out to be crusty and the scales of the dead skin cells tend to fall off.

This typical rash can also be the result of the infectious process provoked by the overgrowth of some fungus and usually it is the case of the fungus popularly known as ringworm, which tends to affect the scalp, feet and some additional bodily parts. As the name already says, that is the reason why the symptomatic rash is also of the circular shape. Similar is the logic related to the case of suffering from the discoid lupus. However, the root of this problem is the auto-immune reaction of the organism, that is, the immunity kills itself. Besides the described rash, this condition is characterized by this symptom becoming more intense when the individual is sunbathing. This problem is also necessary to be treated immediately, since it may lead to the permanent hair loss, of course, if located over the skin of the scalp.

The wheals can be also the triggers of the circular skin rash, that is, when some injury is marked by the blister and it is complicated with the allergic response, however, in this case, these blemishes go away within a few days. Also this condition could be the consequence in the case of the inflammation of the hair follicles. Nevertheless, the immediate treatment is also recommended, because the follicles firstly contain the pus and later on could become boils and, additionally, this condition could be complicated with the spreading the bacteria over the whole body.

So, when it comes to the treatment based on the natural remedies, the oil from olive and the gel from Aloe Vera minimize the annoying itch, and the very effective for the reduction of the inflammation are the tea from chamomile and the oils from rosemary, lavender and oregano, because of the antiseptic and soothing properties.

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