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Cellulitis is, unlike the cellulite (the apparition of the dimples on the skin), manifested as the redness in the form of the patches on the skin and the tissue under the skin. Also, because it is a bacterial infection, the next symptoms that could be noticed are the sensation of itching and burning are the affected spots the enlargement of the glands of the nearby area and the high temperature of the body. Sometimes, the edema could appear.

Usually the female population is more prone to be affected by this condition, and it usually appears on the legs. Also, most likely to suffer from cellulitis are the people with not so strong immunity, the elderly people and those who are under the risk of having an open wound because that way the bacteria could enter the body. The people with diabetes have such tendency and for example the people who have any swollen areas or an infection caused by a fungus over the skin because those formations are more likely to lead to the brakes of the skin surface.


Since it is the disease caused by bacteria, it is commonly treated with antibiotics. Other than that, the painkillers are usually prescribed and the swelling, if present, should be treated by keeping the affected area in the upper position, so it could come off. It is also recommendable to put on the ice and some bondage to the spot, as the swelling is concerned. But, in some advanced and more severe stages of cellulitis, it must be treated by the surgical intervention.

Nevertheless, if the traditional treatment isn’t so effective, there are some other options, such as treating the cellulitis with certain herbs, home remedies and introducing some beneficial supplements into the diet and of course with the homeopathic treatment.

When it comes to the herbs, very beneficial are the home remedies made of thyme, pycnogeno, gotu kola (the people with hypertension mustn’t use this herb), Echinacea (which could be found in the form of cream and gel) the oil extracted from tea tree calendula flower (mixed with boiled water is an excellent remedy), yarrow, and, the fenugreek seeds should be powdered and mixed with a little bit of hot water (the remedy from the goldenseal root should be prepared the same way). All these remedies are meant to be applied directly onto the affected spots.

As previously mentioned, cellulitis can be treated with some beneficial nutrients which are to be added to the diet. Those are, of course, zinc, Vitamin E, vitamin C, the supplements rich in the beneficial bacteria, quircetin, bromelain, and the flavonoids. The last ones mentioned can be found in grapes, blueberries, citrus fruits and in onion.

And finally, as far as the homeopathy is concerned there are a number of remedies for this condition. For example the most popular are cantharis, sulphur and apis mellifica.

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