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What is the problem of the ruptured lip angles?

At least once in the lifetime everyone experienced the problem of having the cut angles of the mouth. As already well, known, this condition is not among the severe health problem, however, it is troublesome and painful whenever opening the mouth. The medical term for this problem is angular cheilitis and it is, actually the infectious process in the corners of the mouth, provoked by the fungus. Additionally, besides the pain as the most prominent symptom, this infection is manifested as the swelling and redness around the rupture and, also, the infection could spread over the whole lips, since one of the basic characteristic of the fungi is that they are prominent to extend over the nearby areas rapidly. The lips then become flaky and scaly, due to the degeneration caused by the lack of the humidity.

How to provide the relief quickly?

Having said that, it is logical the depletion of the moisture is the major cause of this infection, although the fungi are likely to settle in the damp conditions. However, if the decreased intake of water is followed also by the depletion of the basic nutrients in the organism, (therefore, the loss of the elasticity happens) it is more prone to be attacked by these particular microorganisms.

Another prominent characteristic of such the condition is stubbornness and that is why rather a persistent treatment is needed. The most beneficial remedies are based on the soothing agents, which only could speed up the regeneration of the damaged tissue, since the immunity will eventually deal with the infection. Therefore, the most successful in providing the relief from the discomfort described above are the creams rich in the substances that annihilate fungi. The similar effect, that is, the one of calming down the irritation, could also be achieved by the use of the lip balms and the most effective are the ones based on the mixture of the butter from cocoa, the oil extracted from olive and the mineral zinc, which are well known according to their regenerative properties. The moisture could be as well locked up into the lips by the use of the remedies based on Aloe Vera and the oil rich in the vitamin E. In order to quickly get rid of the infection, very useful is the powder made out of the leaf of margosa.

Besides the topically intended remedies, the best results are obtained if the problem is attacked from the inside, too. So, for that purpose, one must supply the organism with enough of the fluids and, of course, with the vital nutrients. Especially important are the vitamins E, A and B2 and the mineral zinc.

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