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The lymphatic system is made of one way channels. The absorb lymph, which is a fluid, and is made of waste materials and white blood cells.

The lymphatic system is not under pressure. Muscular contraction or exercise is the only way the lymph can move. It flows towards the heart and there it empties into the veins.

The two largest lymph areas are situated just under the clavicles. If there is congestion in the lymphatic system, they will become tender or swollen. The swelling is often worse on the left side, because it carries more fluid than the right side.

In many cases of cancer, patients have primarily suffered from congestion, mastitis or similar conditions.

Improved digestion and diet alkalization helps the functioning of the lymphatic system. When the diet is improved, the functioning of the lymphatic system can be stimulated through exercise and massages. All of this, in combination with herbs which help lymphatic purification, can improve the capability of the lymphatic system to get rid of all of the debris.

The effects are only minor at certain places such as the groin or axilla, before the duct is cleared.

Wearing tight clothes is not recommended in case of lymphatic congestion. Also, constant pressure on the same area should be avoided at all costs.

A tea formula that contains cleavers, stimulating spices and detoxifying herbs stimulates and gradually cleanses the lymph.

Pure water should be used for the preparation of such drinks that will help with the cleansing process.

It is very important not to reheat the water. It should be taken for several months in the amount of at least quart per day in order to see real results.

It is advised to avoid tight clothes as well as straining the congested areas during this period of cleansing.

Phytolacca syrup contains dandelion, gentian and poke root in honey-based syrup and it can be used in the treatment of various types of cancer. Some doctors recommend taking the amount of one teaspoonful after each meal.

The syrup simultaneously deals with lymphatic stagnation, toxicity, immunity and infection.

Red root is efficient in the treatment of enlarged spleen, ovarian cysts, pelvic congestion and swollen glands.

Ocotillo is a southwestern plant and it is used for treatment of venous and lymphatic congestions of the pelvic area. Two tincture droppers are to be taken four times a day in order for the cleansing to work and for the patient to see concrete progress.

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