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Lymphatic system

Lymphatic system is a system of the body, that plays a very important role in the process of removing the toxins from the healthy cells and tissues. It also in removing excess fluid, pathogens, waste materials and dead blood cells. This system is a part of the immune system, and it helps in fighting infections, destroying pathogens and filtering waste. Together with the circulatory system, it is responsible for supplying the cells with the blood that carries oxygen, nutrients and hormones. Lymphatic system is comprised of vessels and ducts that form a complex network that the lymph moves through.

Lymphatic drainage and its importance

Lymphatic drainage is a method that helps in improving health and free-flowing lymphatic system. It is based on the manual massage that has to be performed by a lymphatic drainage therapist, and the focus of this kind of massage, is on particular lymph nodes and parts of the body. It is recommended in cases when lymph nodes are swollen, since that is a sign of blocked lymphatic system that implies the body is not capable of removing the toxins anymore. Besides improving the functioning of the lymphatic system, lymphatic drainage massage improves the functioning of other systems in the body, among which are also circulatory, respiratory and endocrine. It has been proven that lymphatic drainage massage helps in reducing the possibility to catch a cold or suffer from viruses, as well as in losing weight and burning calories more efficiently.

This massage is a part of the treatment of lymphoedema, but it is also used when the goal is to clean the pores or speed up the healing process of scars. However, it is highly recommended to visit a doctor if the symptoms that indicate some problem with lymphatic system begin to appear, because they might indicate some serious problem. On the other side, pregnant women, or those who suffer from allergies should inform their therapist about it in advance. The same goes for people who suffer from some serious medical conditions, those who have undergone some operation or suffered an injury.

Since this therapy is all about flushing out the system, the people might feel exhausted afterwards, but they should be aware of the fact that it is not a reason for concern. The body needs some time to adapt to the change, which is why it is recommended to lie down for a while, or to go to sauna or gentle swimming, for example.

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