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The follicle is located on the area around the root of a hair. When it gets irritated, often by shaving or putting any non-sterilized thing onto the surface of the skin, it is not prone to develop the resistance to the inflammation caused by bacteria. Then, the follicle is filled with the accumulated pus created by the response of the immune system.

All in all, the essential advice is to provide a considerable dose of air to the skin so that it could breathe freely. One should wear comfortable clothes. Also, all the cosmetic utensils should be as most sterilized as possible. The bathtub should be cleaned more frequently because the dirt can only worsen the state of an inflamed follicle. As far as the skin cleaning products are concerned, the antibacterial soap is one of the best solutions.

Besides its characteristic of annihilating the bacteria, the skin is washed more thoroughly with it and that unblocks the skin pores. There are also a lot of lotions, creams and ointments based on the antibiotics that are available in every store but one should consider the usage of the home remedies or consider a homeopathic treatment beforehand. Mostly, the natural remedies can usually provide the same or the better effects than those expensive cosmetic products.

The herbs are actually very helpful for this condition. Some of them should be taken internally and the others must be turned into oil or mixture so that the best effect could be achieved.

As far as those remedies that should be taken internally are considered, the best are the following: cleavers, garlic, echinacea, terminalia brownii roots extract (a natural antibiotic, but without the negative side-effects, unlike the synthetic antibiotics and the problems when eating garlic). Among these herbs, there is also goldenseal, which minimizes the inflammation rapidly. Also, when prepared in the form of the cream, so that it could be applied exactly to the follicle that should be treated, the folliculitis will be cured more easily.

There are also the herbs that are used in the form of oil, and those are tea tree, thyme, lavender and bergamot. They can be applied onto the skin when blended with water too.

It is important to mention the most common causes that lead to this condition: tight clothes, contacts with oils and dirt, and the bacteria called Staphylococcus aureus. But, some people have the natural tendency to develop folliculitis.

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