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The lymphatic system in our bodies is made up of a number of independent vessels and duct ways which distribute the liquids through our bodies, and they are connected with series of lymph nodes. They distribute the antibodies to the parts of our bodies that need them, and the lymph nodes are responsible for filtering out the toxins after the battle, and so, the positive effect of a healthy lymphatic system reveals itself as one of the major influences on our immune system.

The swollen lymph nodes are a clear sign that our lymphatic system has been blocked. When this happens, the toxins that should be flushed away are not being filtered. The symptoms are swollen lymph nodes. At that point, the production of white cells has been lessened and some health problems might appear. Since our lymphatic system does not have a pumping system of its own, the procedures of lymphatic draining massage and herbal assistance are welcome to help with decongestion of our lymphatic systems.

The draining massages are used in such cases. Light and rhythmical massage techniques are used in this kind of massages, in order to make lymph nodes distribute the excess fluid through the capillaries, and it can also help to create new lymph draining pathways.This kind of massage is very different, as the masseuse needs to apply a very exact amount of pressure, in order to achieve the excess fluids to drain out. The massage needs to be applied to the right nodes. It is a good idea to learn the techniques needed for this kind of massage, in order of massaging one self at home.

When undergoing such a treatment, one must not have a heavy meal or consume alcohol before the massage. Frequent urinating is not uncommon after these kinds of procedures, as the kidneys are responsible for taking out the excess liquids out of our bodies. So, it is advised to drink a lot of fluids in order to compensate the loss of it. If the massage is done right, the patient should feel relaxed, because these kinds of massages stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system.

If a person is not a massage lover, there are some herbal remedies that can be applied. As we know by now, our lymphatic system is important for delivering antibodies, nutrients and other important factors to our body cells, so it is also important for this system to function properly.Most of the herbs that will be mentioned are of medicinal use, and before using them, it is important to see an expert who will determine the right combination and dosage for the individual.The herbs that are known to help drain the lymphatic system are: red clover, yellow dock root, dandelion, seaweed, cleavers, basil, Marshmallow root, etc.

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