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Lymphatic system

Lymphatic system is among the most important systemsin the human body. It forms a vast network of lymphatic vessels that connectthe lymph nodes. Lymphatic vessels carry the lymph fluid, which is clear andwatery and which is mainly made of the white blood cells or lymphocytes. Therefore,the main role of the lymphatic system in the human body is the defense against allthe possible infections. The lymph nodes are scattered throughout the body. Theycan be found in the neck, behind the ears, in the armpits, as well as in thegroin area.

Functions of lymphatic system

The human body is susceptible to many infections anddiseases. Without the immune system, which is the body’s natural defensesystem, the human body would not be able to fight all the diseases andinfections. The lymphatic system is the part of the immune system since thelymph fluid contains the antibodies and the white blood cells that fightagainst various foreign bodies that enter the body. The production of the whiteblood cells is triggered once the foreign body enters the body.

Lymphatic system has also a role in maintaining thefluid and protein balance in the body. When the interstitial fluid, which isrich in vital nutrients and proteins, accumulates in the tissues of the body,the lymphatic system prevents the loss of this fluid by collecting it in thelymphatic vessels and then returns it to the circulatory system.

Furthermore,lymphatic system helps the digestive system as well. The lymphatic vessels in thegastrointestinal lining absorb the fats from the foods. Therefore, thelymphatic system prevents from obesity that occurs when the bad fat builds upin the body. If the lymphatic system does not function properly, malnutritionor obesity may occur.Lymphatic system has also the role to remove dead blood cells, excess fluid,waste and debris from the body.

Along with circulatory system, lymphatic system deliversoxygen, hormones and other vital nutrients through the blood to the body cellsand tissues. It is considered that the most important role of the lymphatic system is thebalancing of fluid. The excess fluid from the body is drained by the lymphatic vessels, which are more permeable than the blood vessels. The excess fluid from the bodyis filtered by the lymphatic system and again returned to the blood.

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