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Spring cleansing

Lung cleansing is a regime of breathing techniques an exercises and utilization of various herbs whose goal is detoxification of lungs, which results in significant improvement of immune system and health improvement. Smokers or fresh non-smokers, whose lung surface is covered with a layer of tar, usually feel most benefit from such lung cleansing, as their lungs lack the natural capacity to cleanse 'automatically'.

What is there to cleanse

In order to absorb a fresh supply of oxygen, required for metabolism of all cells and simultaneously enable release of accumulated carbon-dioxide, end product of cell metabolism from the organism, lungs must constantly intake a dose of air from the surroundings. This air is always polluted in a way, as it contains various substances that are harmful.

These substances may be, in example, chemicals released in the air by human activity such as exhaust gases, dirt and smoke and dust particles originating from industrial or many other processes, and many others.

Effects of these pollutants include damage to internal structures of the organism after absorption into the bloodstream and damaging of air pathways and lung cells that lead to reduced ability of lungs to intake oxygen and release carbon-dioxide.

How to cleanse

Lungs are naturally cleansed by mucus secreted by lung cells, which picks up pollutants and is coughed out together with them. Exercising the muscles that contract and expand lungs provides more power to push out the mucus. This is done by taking deep, powerful breaths, such as while working out. This also increases lung capacity and enables better lung access to herb substances used for cleansing.

Deep, slow breaths that are withheld, followed by long exhales that seem to squeeze all air out of the lungs are also beneficial.

Herbs utilized to cleanse lungs are used in form of tea, cooking, plaster pasted on the ribcage in the lung area or are steamed for inhalation. These include:

Black Peppercorns, which stimulate circulation.Chlorella, which cleanses heavy metals from the organism.Comfrey, which soothes dry coughs.Cordyceps, which stimulates antioxidant production.Extract of Turkey Tails Mushroom, which reduces phlegm.Fenugreek, which dissolves in a mucous form and fights lung infections.Ginger root, which loosens phlegm in the lungs, thus easing its expelling.Grindelia, used for soothing.Horehound, which dilates pulmonary arteries and thus relieves congestion.Lobelia, used for relaxation of lungs.Long Pepper fruit, which stimulates lung circulation.Lotus root, which supports lung function.Lungwort Lichen, which soothes lung infections, bronchitis and asthma.Mullein leaf, which dampens symptoms of asthma.Pleurisy root, which helps to expel phlegm from upper respiratory ducts and stimulates the lymphatic system.Sweet Violet Flower and Leaf, which soothes lung inflammations.Wild American Ginseng Root, which moistens and cools the lungs, thus soothing them.

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