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Information on Cleavers Herb

Cleavers herb is a popular medicinal type of plant that provides the human body with numerous types ofhealth benefits. It comes from the family of rubicaeae and its scientific nameis Gallium aparine. It has more than 300 different species and it is aperennial plant which commonly grows in the wild grasslands along the riverbanks. It can be found in Europe, North America and Asia. It has been usedsince the times of the ancient Greece.

Cleavers herb can easily be recognizedby its characteristic white flowers and a fragrance which reminds of honey. Itcan be purchased from licensed herbalist and grown in pots at home. It can beused to prepare herbal tea which is known for providing numerous differenttypes of health benefits and it can be used for the prevention and treatment ofnumerous diseases and other medical conditions. Cleavers herb seeds can beroasted so that they can be used as a very healthy substitute for coffee.

Cleaversherb roots can be used for the production of pink or red dye. Its sprouts canbe incorporated into various different types of salad recipes.

Cleavers Herb Benefits

Cleavers herb extract can be used for the prevention andtreatment of numerous medical conditions and it is a very potent herbalmedication. It is commonly not affiliated with any side effects. Cleavers herbis an important source of flavonoids, vitamin C and chlorophyll so it is veryefficient in strengthening the immune system, replenish the body, fighting thefree radicals and reducing the amount of damage they cause to the entire humanbody.

It is known for its potent antioxidant and anti inflammatory propertiesso it can come in handy for all those who suffer from arthritis. Cleavers herbis beneficial in purifying the blood stream and reducing the risk of numerousdifferent types of cancer. It can come in very handy when it comes toprevention and treatment of cough, bronchitis, irritations of the mucousmembrane and all other disorders which commonly affect the respiratory tract.

Cleavers herb in the form of decoction made from tea is very efficient incleansing the skin and slowing down the process of aging. The same decoctioncan be used for the treatment of insect stings and bites. Cleavers herb is alsoefficient in fighting numerous different types of infections, treating variousskin ailments, dissolving the congestion of the lymphatic system and reducingany swelling. It also has very potent diuretic qualities.

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