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Lymphatic system

Lymphatic system is a part of thebody’s natural defense system, which is called the immune system. It is comprised ofthe lymph nodes, lymph channels and lymph. The lymph nodes are connected by theimmense network of lymph vessels through which lymph is carried. The main role of the lymphaticsystem is to fight against infections and to serve as a natural toxin filter.

We all know that the heart pumps theblood through the blood vessels. The lymphatic system does not have its ownpump, but depends on the pressure of the blood vessels and uses this pressureto canalize the antibodies and the white blood cells through the lymph vessels. Lymph is a clear yellowish fluid, which carries the nutrients and oxygen to the cells and collects the toxinsthat are afterwards expelled through the lymph nodes. Lymph nodes are mainly made of the whiteblood cells. They are scattered throughout the body, such as in the neck,behind the ear, in the armpits and in many other locations

Lymphatic drainage massage

In order to improve the circulationof the lymph through the lymph vessels, and thus make the immune systemstronger, many specialists recommend lymphatic drainage massage. It is a therapeuticmassage treatment, which uses slight pressure and long gentle rhythmic strokes. Thismassage is very effective for eliminating the toxins out of the body bythe increasing of the lymphatic flow. The drainage of lymph in the body hasmany benefits.

The people who have lymphaticdrainage massage are at very low risk to suffer from minor colds or viruses. However,if they have some infection, this massage helps them fight off the infectionand to recover very fast. Furthermore, lymphatic drainagemassage is good for reducing the water retention, as well as for easierlosing of the body weight. The metabolic rate is improved by this massage andthus the body burns calories more rapidly. Moreover, manual lymphatic drainage canbe also applied in the treatment of lymphoedema.

The skin texture can be improvedwith this massage also, because it reduces swelling and blotches, opens thepores and accelerates healing in scar tissue. It is very important to completelyrelax during the massage and enjoy in it. Certain conditions should bereported to the therapist before the massage, such as pregnancy, seriousdiseases, such as cancer or heart problems, previous operations, allergies andbroken skin or sores.

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