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A few words about acne

As already well known, acne is very frequent skin problem nowadays and worldwide, and this trouble actually affects the people of all ages, but, it is especially common among youngsters and the ones whit the sensitive skin type. Having in mind how big and frequent this skin trouble is, it is logical to assume that there are a lot of the available solutions to these blemishes. Therefore, acne is most commonly treated by both, the conventional medications, and the alternative way of treatment, which include the remedies based on natural ingredients.

So, every pore and hair follicle is, in fact, the potential spot on which acne could be found. That is, in fact, the problem of acne is the consequence of accumulation and multiplication of bacteria in pores already filled with sebum. When these small openings of the epidermis are additionally filled with somewhat increased amount of oil, the formation of a pimple, or to be more exact, the incidence of the inflammatory process, is inevitable.

Dealing with acne

As far as the best and the most appropriate treatment for the sensitive skin type is concerned, it is essentially important to be based on the following rules: not to touch and pop the acne out with fingers, to use the products and the remedies which do not contain some aggressive substances and agents, and, of course, it is always better stop the problem before it happens in the first place, if it is possible. Before all of this, one should consult his or her own dermatologist.

When it comes to the conventional approach to the treatment, the most effective medications are the ones based on benzoyl peroxide and the salicylic acid, however, since these could be aggressive agents for sensitive skin, it is recommendable to use them in smaller doses. On the other hand, the remedies based on natural components are completely safe to be used, although in some rare cases, allergic reactions could happen.

In addition, this skin problem is advisable to be treated with homeopathy, so, concerning that matter, a pimple should be directly treated with oil. At this point, it is necessary to emphasize that the most beneficial oils for getting rid of the acne problem are the ones based on tea tree and jojoba, mostly because they contain a lot of the substances that annihilate bacteria. Also, the best remedy intended to be applied over the skin is the simple mixture of these two oils, that is, in the proportion 3:10. Of course, it is very important to stick with the diet which is recommended from the nutritionist.

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