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Taking a closer look to the antioxidants

Sometimes, the simple oxygen, which is always considerable as beneficial and existential, can do harm to some parts of the body. Simply, the process of the oxidation can lead to the increased production of the harmful free radicals, which could play a big role in the abnormal growth of the damaged skin cells. But, these beneficial agents called the antioxidants, which interfere with the production of the free radicals, at the same time do both: prevent and remove these waste products of the oxidative processes.

That is why a lot of the popular cosmetic products for the skincare are based on the substances called antioxidants. One of the musts, considering the modern concept of the beauty, is the youthful look of the skin, therefore the cosmetic industry is filled with the products for the rejuvenation of the skin. Of course, the process of skin getting old cannot be ceased completely, but the researchers have proven that the remedies based on the antioxidants can make this process significantly less progressive.

The treatment

For the best results, the routine based on applying a cream, gel or tonic, topically over the skin, should be followed with the healthy dietary regime, which would include the foods that are rich in these substances. Even more beneficial for the skin, but as effective as the artificial products, are the homemade natural remedies based on the herbs which contain rather high levels of the antioxidants. In fact, every treatment is permitted to go hand in hand with another one, and, additionally, the rejuvenation can be enriched with the supplements.

Many people still use the products which are focused on smoothing the skin in order to minimize the wrinkles, for the rejuvenation of the skin. However, as already explained, antioxidants are as effective, but with the decreased possibility of suffering from the side effects. For example, the remedies based on Glutatone, are to be used for the same purpose.

When it comes to the natural antioxidants, they can be found in the oil extracted from the olive and from the rosehip, as well as the tincture or essence from frankincense and lavender. If only mixed in the equal proportions, the mentioned fluids could be used as the antioxidant remedy.

But, as far as the remedies in the supplementary form are concerned, the most effective antioxidant agents can be found in the green tea. One should simply drink the 3 tea tree on a daily basis and the effect will be seen soon. Also, it is very beneficial to eat the fruits of the intense color, such as blackberries, cranberries and similar.

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