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Rosacea is a skin condition. It features with the chronic redness of the face. Apart from the inflammatory process the skin can also be affected with pimples. There are certain ointments and topical medications that are regularly prescribed by a dermatologist. Still patients should be also informed about alternative ways of treating this disease. There is a variety of herbs that are beneficial in treatment of rosacea.

Herbs in Treatment of Rosacea

Many herbs can be rather effective in patients who are suffering from rosacea. Some of them can drastically reduce inflammation that affects the skin.Licorice HerbLicorice herb contains glycyrrhizinic acid. This acid has been used in China for many years not only for skin conditions but also in case of other diseases. Glycyrrhizinic acid is extremely powerful anti-inflammatory acid. This effect can be rather beneficial in case of rosacea as the process of skin inflammation is responsible for all the signs and symptoms of the disease.Feverfew Feverfew is rather amazing plant that has been used in many conditions. Pains in stomach, headaches and migraines have been successfully treated with this herb. It can be of additional help in patients who are suffering from arthritis. Basically feverfew can be highly efficient in case of skin irritation. This effect can be easily explained since feverfew plant possesses anti-inflammatory and even antioxidant characteristics. It is used in a form of cream.Green Tea A special ingredient of green tea called polyphenone is remarkably efficient in rosacea. Apart from that a variety of other green tea extracts are successful in elimination of rosacea symptoms. In rosacea green tea cream is applied right onto the skin changes.OatmealApart from being used in different cuisines oatmeal is great in skin conditions that include increased itching and dryness. In rosacea it is most commonly used in a form of facial mask. LavenderLavender acts as perfect antibiotic. It also possesses antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. Some believe that lavender can help in healing of the skin. Since it may lead to irritation this herb must not be applied directly onto the skin. The perfect form for rosacea is a lavender cream.ChamomileChamomile has been used to increase the healing properties of the skin. This effect can be also good in case of rosacea.Tea Tree OilTea tree oil perfectly fights inflammation. However in patients that are prone to allergic reactions it is highly forbidden as it can lead to dermatitis or contact eczema.Camphor OilThe skin changes present in rosacea may contain parasitic mites. These mites can be successfully eliminated but camphor oil. Consequently the inflammation will reduce. Camphor oil should be used with precaution as it may lead to skin irritation.

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