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When you are trying to lose weight you have probably tried an array of methods from Atkins to cabbage soup. This article is about eating soups that are full of nutrients and vegetables and have the added bonus of allowing you to feel full and satisfied after eating. A study was conducted that showed that a person who ate soup as a starter for lunch cut twenty percent of his or her calorie intake. As well as this the study also showed that by having a soup at lunch time the participants were not too hungry by the time dinner came around so they did not over eat. This particular study also proved that by eating a food that is high in water like a broth-based soup actual aids in the feeling of being full up.

What Type of Soup is the Greatest

There are good soups and there are bad soups, so you need to look at some information before you buy. Make sure the soup has between one hundred and one hundred and fifty calories in each serving. Make sure it is low in or has a reduced-sodium content as sodium can make you keep hold of fluids. Choose chicken or vegetable broths and try to stay away from the cream based soups. If you can try to make sure that the soup has a high density of vegetables as you will get more vitamins and nutrients. Try to stick with homemade soups so you can keep full control over all the ingredients and the amounts.

How to Add in Soups into a Meal Arrangement

You can use a soup as a filler, which means have it as a starter and then you will eat less of the main course. You can even eat the soup as a whole meal as there is a whole big range of choice of soups to stop you from getting bored of the same one. If you feel hungry in between a meal, have a soup instead of a piece of junk food.

An Easy and Healthy Soup Recipe- Minestrone Soup

You will need one tablespoon of olive oil, half a cup of chopped up onion, one diced carrot, a third of a cup of celery, a garlic clove, four cups of low sodium chicken broth, two tomatoes, half a cup of spinach, a can of chickpeas, half a cup of uncooked pasta, and two tablespoons of basil. You need to heat oil in a pot and put in the onion, celery and the carrots, when they are soft you can add the garlic and cook it all at a medium heat for an added minute. At this point add the broth, tomatoes, beans spinach and the pasta. It can all come to the boil and then simmered for ten minutes.

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