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Foods for a Healthy Heart

Healthy eating habits should be introduced in the diet to maintain health of the heart and cardiovascular system. Daily food intake should not be overly extensive, oily, spicy, and sweet. Every day you should drink at least liter and a half of water to help easier blood flow through blood vessels. It is well known that some foods contain components that are good in fighting cardiovascular diseases, so below are listed those that are most effective.


Cereals are rich in fiber and minerals that strengthen heart muscles. Also instead of white bread , brown bread enriched with whole grain seeds should be introduced in diet. Also, regular pasta should be replace by the integral pasta.

Fruits and Vegetables

Tomato is rich in vitamins. Also it contains lycopene, which protects the heart. It is especially recommendable to people who are prone to moles and people whose blood pressure is low. In addition, tomato removes toxins from the body.

Green vegetables are rich in folic acid, which stimulates production of red blood cells. Also, it is rich in vitamin E which strengthens the heart.

Garlic normalizes heart rate, reduces the tendency to thrombosis and lowers bad cholesterol level in plasma.

Oranges, plums, tomato, cucumber, olives, pineapple and grapes contain salicylic acid, which dilutes the blood and prevents clotting. Apple, besides being healthy, juicy and delicious, contains quercetin which prevents blood clots. Also, it is rich in potassium which represents the blood pressure elixir.

Other Foodstuffs

It is proven that soy prevents heart attack. Red wine contains resveratrol - strong antioxidant which is very beneficial for the heart. Wine should be consumed in amount of no more than two deciliter a day. Fish and fish oil, containing essential fatty acids, prevent heart and blood vessel disease. It is advisable to eat fish at least twice a week. Olive oil is also rich in vitamin E and very beneficial to heart.

Several cups of coffee a day, may have a positive impact on the health of people who have suffered a heart attack, if they have the normal blood pressure. Researchers explain this by biologically active ingredients of coffee - antioxidants and their effects on the cardiovascular system.


Prevention of heart disease also include: eating more fruits and vegetables using milk products which have reduced percentage of fat consuming food rich in various proteins controlling body weight carbohydrate intake limited use of sweets and desserts

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