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People who live alone and prepare food only for themselves often tend to get into a rut when it comes to cooking. Sometimes they make meals whose leftovers they end up eating for as long as the food lasts. Not only is this boring and unsatisfying, but it is also not particularly healthy. The first reason such food is not very healthy is because it isn’t fresh, and second, eating the same food day after day makes the person not take in all the nutrients that they should, but only the kind said food provides them with.

Another problem that people who are living alone have with food is they often end up with more than they could eat, and therefore are forced to throw a lot of food away. Whether this is because the package they buy in the supermarket is too large or the recipe is simply meant for more than one person, the result is a complete waste of food and money and no one wants that. Luckily, there are a few tricks that can help in these annoying situations.

Making use of the freezer

Buying food that is meant to be kept in the freezer is more than helpful for those people who don’t plan to use what they bought all at once, but rather gradually over time. Many food types can be kept this way, like food and vegetables, but also meat. Buying canned soups is also a very good idea, as they can be kept in the freezer as well. Finally, there are even whole meals that have been previously prepared and packed in a can and are to be kept frozen. These can all be found low-fat and perfectly healthy.

One other use of the freezer is when one cooks a meal that is too big for one single person. When that happens, the person can pack the rest and freeze it, and just cook it again when they want to. And while this option might not be as satisfying as a freshly cooked meal, it is far from bad, and after all, it is infinitely better than throwing away bunches of good food.

Paying attention to the quantity before cooking

Even though freezing is very useful, not all foods can be frozen. So, as for the question what to do with those foods that can’t be put into a freezer, the answer is that all it takes is a little planning ahead. Paying attention to the quantity of ingredients used to make a meal, and reducing it if it’s too much, or planning to combine a leftover part of the meal with some other ingredients the next day, are just some of the possible options.

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