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Cooking is not everyone’s idea of a relaxing, pleasant, stress free task. Quite the opposite in fact, when you need to take into account everyone’s likes and dislikes, wants and needs and on top of that you need to consider the health factor. Anything to make life less stressful is very welcome in many parents’ books so look below to find some easy, healthy ideas that everyone in your family will love.

Healthy Potatoes

Nearly everyone likes chips, but the majority of chips are greasy, salty, and soggy and not particularly healthy. So try this, cut the potato into thin slices and put them in a little olive oil, salt and pepper and toss them around in the ingredients a little. Put them in the oven at four hundred and twenty five degrees Fahrenheit and every fifteen minutes shake them around a little to get an even colouring and prevent sticking. Keep doing this for around forty five minutes or until they look crispy and browned. In this way you will turn potatoes into healthy and nutritious meal.

Hiding the Veggies

Getting those necessary vegetables into the meals is a tricky one as the kids always manage to detect them, don’t they. Blended and pureed is the key, you can then add them to any recipe you like. First try adding them in mush to food that is usually adored such as pizza or hamburgers. They will be hidden in mush completely. As well as this, add just a little of low fat melted cheese to ensure the pizza, burger, sandwich gets gobbled up. Meatballs are a good suggestion, just use a combination of turkey and beef to assist in the evolution to eating vegetables for those really fussy eaters.

Fried Chicken Idea

Fried chicken is usually a very unhealthy option but it can be made, if you are careful, rather healthy with less calories. First things first, put the chicken cuts into whites from eggs and then dip them in whole grain bread crumbs. You can add some seasonings like garlic, pepper, parsley, oregano or paprika to the bread crumbs if you like. Simply then bake them in the oven until they look browned and a little crispy. The main trick of getting around the fussy eaters is to begin the journey slowly and build up over time. If you shock their taste buds at the beginning you will be in for a fight for a long, long time.

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