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Supplements– imposed necessity?

Whenit comes to the bodybuilding, supplements and their role have become more thanvital, especially in increasing body and muscle mass. These and many more arepredominant reasons why bodybuilders today cannot imagine their favorite profession without them. Another reason for this is the fact that thefoods we eat today, which are processed beyond necessity, actually contain solittle calories and nutrients that following only a healthy diet just does notcut it anymore. And this is where the supplements come into play, since theycan provide a person with all the necessary calories, nutrients and otherhealthy substances.


Multi-Vitamins. In case you are looking to increase your body mass, then it is quite normal that you will concentrate on food that abounds in calories. Unfortunately, this means that you will probably have to sacrifice other healthy and beneficial substances such as minerals and vitamins. Downside of this is that the lack of these substances can ultimately lead to improper functioning of your body and, as a consequence, it can slow and disturb normal growth. It contains a 100% of the required daily dosage of vitamins. So one dosage of the above mentioned 100% of each of the needed vitamins is to be taken per day in order to avoid deficiency.Weight Gainer. Well, the name does say it all. If you are looking to gain weight a bit faster, then this is the right supplement for you. When increasing the body mass, aside from the necessity to take in prescribed minimum amount of micro and macro nutrients, you need to take in enough quantity of calories, as well but paying attention not to overdo it and soon resemble a balloon. These supplements contain 600 to 300 calories and are an enormous aid when looking to mass up. The best and recommended way of employing them is either as post-workout “meal”, or as a prior-to-hitting-the-sack-at-night “meal”.Vitamin B-Complex. Vitamins belonging to this group are extremely rich in anabolic properties, most of all Pyridoxine (B6), Cobalamin (B12) and Niacin (B3). Unfortunately, many tend to disregard the fact that you do not need to buy all of afore mentioned separately, but that by buying a B-complex you get all these in one and for a lot less money. Vitamins included in B-complex function by keeping an eye on gastric juice and aiding in digestion of macronutrients, which, on the other hand, help by absorbing more beneficial substances from the food a person eats. The best way to make the most of them is to take them immediately after your meal, one dosage should contain at least 50-100 mg of all the B-vitamins.

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