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Most people do not have time to cook for hours each and every day to ensure their family is getting a nutritious and tasty meal. It is difficult at the best of times to stay creative and healthy and time efficient in the kitchen. Many recipes that we would like to try just seem far too complicated so we get stuck in the same routine of the same old meals each week. See below for some ideas for your kitchen cooking.

Freezable Rice

Rice can be combined with many meals, so to save yourself time buy a rice cooker and make it in bulk and store in servings flat in bags in the freezer. You use the same volume, two parts water to one part rice. If you are using brown rice then increase the water to three parts to one. Additional foods and ingredients that are first-class to put in the freezer are wheat tortillas and breads and just put into the microwave when you want them. You can also freeze chopped shallots and parsley and even fresh pasta. Some people freeze pesto sauce but as a tip make sure you freeze it in thin layers so it’s easier to cut the right sizes later on.

Breakfast Suggestions

To get a well balanced breakfast you need to eat fruit and some sort of complex carbohydrate. The readymade cereals even though they advertise as being a healthy option tend to contain sugar and many unnecessary ingredients that are not needed in a balanced diet. Instead try making rice and fruit as it only takes three minutes. Just simply take out of the freezer one serving of rice and put it into the microwave and then once it’s heated up you can add some fruit of your choice like apples, melon, grapes, bananas, and pears. A very satisfying breakfast idea is to simply eat a banana and some cashew nuts. You will get the nutrition you need and it tastes great.

Lunch Suggestions

An avocado sandwich will only require a couple of minutes to prepare. Firstly cut up half an avocado and place the pieces onto a naan bread and this is very fulfilling. Or you can try a daicon sandwich which takes the same amount of time to prepare. All you need to do is peel the daicon and slice it up and place the parts onto bread with a little mayonnaise. Both of these sandwiches will have you addicted.

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