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The words pancakes and healthy do not usually go together, but they are a truly delicious dish that many find hard to avoid no matter how unhealthy they might be. Luckily, there are ways to make pancakes a little more nutritious and all it takes is paying some attention to the ingredients and changing some of them.

Introducing a change in the ingredients

One of the ways to improve the quality of the pancakes as well as their nutritional value is to find more suitable substitutes for the ingredients used to make the pancake batter.

This means switching the regular white flour with its considerably healthier alternative, the whole-wheat flour. Furthermore, this includes buying sugar substitutes instead of regular sugar and using them for making pancakes, switching whole milk for the one that is low in fat and finally, using olive oil instead of vegetable oil.

Obviously, this is not complicated at all, and for those who are worried about the taste of the pancakes, they can really stop holding their breath. The truth is that the difference in the flavor is fairly small, while some people notice no difference at all. And if nothing else, the tasty toppings make this a complete non-issue.

Introducing a change in the way of cooking the pancakes

Another way to upgrade the health standards of the pancakes is to find a different approach when it comes to cooking them. The way that the majority of people make pancakes is by frying them in an oiled pan. The pancakes end up soaked in oil and there is really no need to explain how unhealthy this is, as it is fairly obvious.

And while there is no alternative to frying the pancakes, they can be more nutritious by simply changing the vegetable oil poured in the pan for olive oil, just the way it’s done in the batter.

It will make more difference than one can suppose. One should still keep in mind not to exaggerate with the quantity of oil placed in the pan. Also, this way of cooking the pancakes is still recommended for those who decide that a change in the batter does not appeal to them as it makes the pancakes healthier than the regular way of cooking.

Introducing a change in the choice of toppings

Even though, the alternations made in the choice of batter ingredients and cooking methods improve the quality of the pancakes, they may be regarded as secondary when they are compared to the choice of toppings for the pancakes.

The toppings that are rich in butter, high-fat chocolate and sugar are the part of the pancake that is the most hazardous to one’s health. Therefore, it is highly recommended to substitute them. For example, this includes buying a syrup that is sugar-free or butter substitutes.

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