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Savory and Healthy Dishes:

Avocado Rolled Chicken with Spinach

Though it may sound somewhat challenging and thus complicated to make, because of all the ingredients and the way they need to be put to purpose, do not give up before even having a go at it. Once you are on the cooking trail, you will soon see that there is absolutely no reason for you to have thought that mentioned above. What you need in order to make this dish for one person is the following:

skinned chicken breast fillet (amount: 1)stoned and peeled small avocado (amount: 1)crushed clove of garlic (amount 1)delicately chopped and seeds-removed small red chili pepper (amount: 1)fresh spinach (amount: handful)walnuts either crushed of chopped (amount: 4-5)saltblack pepper


Oven needs to be set on 200 degrees centigrade. Avocado is to be mashed in a bowl and then chili pepper and garlic are to be added as well. Chicken fillet is to be delicately bashed into becoming ¼ inch or 1/2 cm thick, and after having finished with preparing chicken breast, spread the avocado mass evenly on the entire fillet. Before putting it in the oven, add a bit of olive oil and leave it to cook for about 25 minutes.

Shredded Beef Salad

Even though the time required in order to prepare the beef meat properly is rather longish one, the recipe itself is extremely an uncomplicated one. When preparing this for two people, you need the following:

one piece of rolled beef brisket (weight: 900 g/2 lbs)peeled and then chopped shallot (amount: 2)garlic also peeled and chopped (amount: 4 cloves)scrapped and then chopped carrot (amount: 2)bay leaf (amount: 2)fresh/dried thyme leaf (amount: 1 tsp)not to be peeled and whole baby new potato (amount: 10)fresh rocket leaf (amount: 2 handfuls)closed cup mushroom (amount: 4)horseradish sauce (amount: 2 tsp)saltground black pepper


What you need the first is to find a fairly big sauce pan, in which you are to put beef, garlic, shallots, herbs and carrots. Then you need to add some water – when it covers the ingredients stop pouring. Next is to bring all that to the boiling spot. Once that done, decrease it until it reaches the smallest possible simmer. As far as beef is concerned, recommended cooking time is 40 minutes per each pound of flesh and additional 40 minutes afterwards.

The following step requires you to take the beef out of the pan and leave that same pan until the morning hours for it to cool properly. Once the beef has cooled as well, shred it but make sure that all the pieces are bite sized. Next on the list are potatoes, which need to be boiled at least 25 minutes. Make sure the water for boiling is salted, but not too much.

Once this is finished, mix them with rocket, beef, horseradish sauce and mushrooms. Stir, add season according to your taste, and you are ready to serve the dish.

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