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Healthy Protein Food Recipes You Will Not Be Able to Resist to
Proteins can be beneficial and healthy just like any other nutrients, you just need to know in what form to take them. The following dishes are not only high on proteins but are health beneficial as well.
Healthy Protein Dishes
Mixed Lentil Biryani – for the preparation of this tasty dish you will be needing the following ingredients: basmati rice (amount: ½ lbs.), mixed lentils you favor (amount: ½ lbs.), a fairly big onion (amount: 1) sliced in a delicate manner, ginger paste (amount: 1 teaspoon), garlic paste (amount: 1 teaspoon), turmeric powder (amount: ¼ teaspoon), mixture of cardamoms, bay leaves and cloves (amount: ½ oz.), butter but the variety without salt (amount: 4 teaspoons). As to make it even more appealing to the eye, you can beautify it with the following supplements: medium sized tomato (amount: 1) finely sliced, green chili (amount: 4), chopped leaves of coriander (amount: 2 tablespoons), cashew nuts (amount: 1 oz.) roasted, seeds of cumin (amount: 1 teaspoon) and butter without salt (amount: 2 tablespoons). Dhokla – what you need in order to treat yourself and your family members or guests with such a savory and healthy dish is the following: par-boiled rice (amount: ½ lbs.), toor gram (amount: ¼ lbs.), Bengal gram (amount: 2 oz.), black gram, skinless and split (amount: 2 oz.), coriander leaves (amount: 2 tablespoons) finely cut, sour yoghurt (amount: 2 oz), asafetida (amount: just a tiny pinch), soda bicarbonate (amount: ¼ teaspoon), turmeric powder (amount: ¼ teaspoon) and chili powder and salt according to you personal taste. For decoration you can use the following ingredients in order to enrich this dish and make it even more taste-irresistible: coconut (amount: 4 oz.) but grated form, cashew nuts (amount: 1 oz.) first roasted and then chopped, coriander leaves (amount: 2 tablespoons) chopped, mustard seeds (amount: 1 teaspoon) and a little bit of oil (amount: 1 tablespoon).Dosa – next in line one the list of all time best protein abundant and healthy dishes we find “dosa” as well. For the preparation of this fish you need the following: par rice (amount: ½ lbs.) boiled, mixture of dals such as split black skinless gram, split Bengal gram and split green gram (amount: ¼ lbs.), soda bicarbonate (amount: ¼ of teaspoon), cheese (amount: ¼ lbs.) grated, and tomato ketchup according to the personal need. Lastly, add some salt and enjoy.

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