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Seaweed salad calories

Nowadays, some doctors advise people to include seaweed salads into their diets. This is mainly because seaweed seems to prolongs life. Japan is the country where seaweed is mostly consumed, especially when used in salads..

Health benefits of seaweed salad

People do not usually eat a seaweed salad alone, it is usually accompanied by seafood. Experts agree that consumption of seaweed will make the aging process slower. It is not uncommon for seaweed salads to be served as an appetizer or even as a healthy snack. Seaweed salad is know for its nutty, salty and sea-like flavor. Some of the seaweeds which are mostly used for salads are kel, wakame, arame, nori, lava and dulse. Beside salads, these seaweeds are also used for soups and stews.

When making a seaweed salad, a person can add ingredients like rice wine vinegar, hot red peppers, sugar, stems and branches of wakame, toasted seeds of sesame and soy sauce. Things like slivers of black mushrooms can even be involved in the making. For seasoning of the salad, people usually use vinegar, olive oil, red pepper flakes and salt and they may even enhance the flavor with sesame oil or sesame seeds.

However, it is the wakame that is the number one ingredient of the salad. This is because wakame is rich with iron, calcium, niacin and thiamine. A person should also pay attention to the things he or she is putting in the salad because some ingredients can affect the nutritional value of the salad.

Seaweed salad calories

Seaweed is usually served in a portion which consists of no more than 2 ounces. In these 2 ounces of seaweed, the number of calories is usually 70. There are also 50 milligrams of calcium, 10 grams of carbohydrates, 4 grams of fat and 1 gram of protein. Since not all salads have the same amount of calories a person can choose which one he or she is going to consume. For instance, Hissho Sushi salad has 70 calories in 56 grams while Ukrop's Hissho Sushi has 141 calories in 113 grams. Wakame seaweed salad has 216 calories in 201.8 grams and 49 calories can be found in 57 grams of kale with seaweed salad.

Seaweed salad is a very healthy food option because of its many vitamins and minerals. It is low on calories and fat as well. In addition to this, it betters the detoxification in the body which improves the health in general.

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