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For those who are not that familiar with this “plant”, it somewhat resembles an extremely large radish. When opened, the interior is covered with flesh, which is mild and a bit sweet in taste, and it also quite brittle. Given the fact that this plant is native to Mexico, they serve it there with a dash of lime juice and chili powder as a supplement to other dishes, but it can also be served on its own, in combination with seasoning of one’s choice and a bit of, afore mentioned, lime juice that makes it an extremely savory salad like dish.

Jicama Salad

Jicama prepared like this is, as pointed out above, extremely rich in taste. The salad is most often prepared using julienned jicama. The main reason why this is the most employed preparation technique is that, made in this manner, the salad is eaten in a much easier way.

The Recipe

What is important to mention before we hit it off with this savory salad is that, in case you, or your spouse or friend, are planning to serve this salad as an accompaniment to some other piquant Mexican dish, then there is no need to include the olive oil and avocado in the recipe, since there is quite an amount of fat in the main dish, which is to establish the overall balance with salad acidity, and thus cause no heart burn and similar conditions. On the other hand, if you do opt for serving it on its own, then a couple of drops of olive oil and a bit of avocado will definitely not ruin its overall taste.

Main ingredients are the following:

large jicama (quantity: one, weight: 1 or 1½pounds) peeled and also julienned red bell pepper (quantity: ½) sliced in a fine manner green bell pepper (quantity: ½) sliced in the same manner red onion (quantity: ½ cup) chopped big cucumber (quantity: ½) first seeded and then chopped navel orange (quantity: 1), peeled, then sliced and each piece quartered fresh cilantro (quantity: ½) chopped lime juice (quantity: one third of the cup) cayenne (quantity: just a pinch) paprika (quantity: just a pinch) salt

Additional Ingredients (not obligatory)

avocado (quantity: ½) finely chopped olive oil (quantity: 2 tbsps)


First the jicama needs to be mixed with bell peppers, red onion, orange, cucumber, and cilantro, and done so in a larger bowl. Once this done, you need to pour the lime juice all over the mixture. Then add up a sprinkle of paprika and cayenne and season it all with salt. Before treating your family members or guests with it, leave it to sit for about half an hour.

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