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Only because it is the general habit to drink only the juices derived from fruits doesn’t mean that the vegetable juices have less health benefits. On the contrary, the vegetables are also very rich in vitamins, minerals, fibers and a lot of the other beneficial nutrients and, contain little amounts of sugar. The thing is that only certain veggies can be squeezed or blended for a juice, and also, some of them, which are the healthiest, have very repugnant taste for some people, ironically. Such an example is the juice from beet.

The benefits of vegetables juice

It is a very good idea to consume the vegetables as the freshly squeezed juice than eating it in the raw form, since in that way more nutrients are absorbed with less effort.

The most popular characteristic of the juices made of vegetables is that a lot of enzymes, which are very beneficial for the metabolism and digestion, are preserved. Also, they are very efficient in cleaning the blood from toxins and, in fact, cleansing all the organism from the unwanted and harmful stuff.

These are the best ways to improve the absorption of the beneficial nutrients, because, naturally, after being cleansed totally, the organism becomes more ready to embrace the beneficial nutrients, and to the maximum extent.

Besides that, the habit of consuming enough vegetables on a daily basis, leads to the always balanced pH level in our bodies, and that is important because it enables the process of carrying the oxygen through all the organism.

Recommendations for preparing the juices

Having mentioned the most prominent health benefits of drinking the vegetable juices, it is now good to focus on the most appropriate veggies for making the juices out of them, and those are the green vegetables (such as, for example: broccoli, parsley, kale, celery and carrots). Of course, one could add some fruit juice or some spices in order to make somewhat better taste.

Sometimes even certain oils are recommended to be added, mostly because that way the juice more easily becomes a homogeneous liquid. Even better is to mix a vegetable juice with some oil which is not processed, so that all the benefits from those plants are preserved. Those are the oils from olive, coconut, castor, or similar.

Of course, it is necessary to emphasize the importance of the freshness of a juice. Any naturally prepared juice whether squeezed, pressed or blended, should be consumed right away after preparing it. And that is because the air causes the negative effect on it. However, if drinking must be postponed the juice should be kept in the fridge and not in the contact with air.

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