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Although it is difficult to find recipes that are healthy for the colon, you can learn to recognize ingredients that they contain. Usually, these recipes contain fresh fruit and vegetables, and will not contain white sugar and flour, or will contain it, but in a small amount. Even though, best recipes for healthy colon will include a lot of fresh fruit and vegetables mentioned below.Another name for colon is the large intestine. This is a part of the body where entire gastrointestinal residues gather to leave the body. Bad eating habits are mostly responsible for an unhealthy colon. A result of unhealthy colon is usually constipation. Problem with constipation or colon in a bad shape is that the food can get stuck in the colon lining and then start to rot or harden. That way, food can be trapped in your colon for years.

Colon Healthy Food

When it comes to colon health, although there are many counter arguments for vegan diet, a vegetarian way is the best way for keeping your colon in a great shape. That is because the food that comes from animals is much harder to digest than the food that comes from plants. This is why recipes for food that is healthy for colon include almost none of the foods that have an animal origin. Besides the fact that fruit and vegetables are good for your colon, they contain a vast of nutritional ingredients such as minerals and vitamins. They also contain fibers that are vital for colon health because it helps to pass the food along the digestive tract. You can take care of your colon by making simple and nutritional breakfast every morning. Recipe for that breakfast could be a fruit salad with oatmeal (but not some instant fruit salads). Furthermore, you can make juice instead of the salad, but the problem is that the juice doesn’t have any fiber. For lunch, it would be ideal to include salad with a roman lettuce or a lot of dark leafy greens. In addition, one should consider including broccoli, spinach, carrots and cauliflower in his/her lunch. For dressing, you should use vinegar and olive oil (bottled dressings are probably loaded with sugar).Some raw nuts, vegetables and fruit would be great for a snack. As you can see, this is just common sense. One should try to eat less red meat and more fruit and vegetables, and also foods rich with fibers. That will keep your colon, and the whole body, healthy.

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