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As today’s society, we strive for the perfect, healthiest life. If you are one of those people, who are set on making their lives healthier, here are some tips for you.

Try doing cardio every day

Cardiovascular exercises are vital for a healthy heart, Healthy heart means a healthy life. You may try swimming, rowing, or racket sports. However, you should not work yourself too hard. Start small, for instance, do a 5-minute workout every day. Then, incrementally increase the time by five minutes each week. It has been shown that it is the best way to keep your body fit, and yourself happy.

Drink two cups of herbal tea a day

Tea prevents the building-up of toxins in your body, but only the decaffeinated one with herbs will be the best in doing that. It is good for your bowels, liver, the urinary tract. The best kinds of tea are ginger, hawthorn berry, dandelion, and milk thistle. Green tea has also many health benefits and is an excellent choice. You may try replacing your daily intake of coffee with tea.

Breathe to 100

It may seem simple, but breathing exercises and meditation are proven to help dispel toxins from your body. You should practice deep, slow breathing. Three times a day, close your eyes and breathe slowly for 10 counts.

Eat 5 types of vegetables each day

The countries that have the healthiest population recommend this method; try eating 5 vegetables of different colors. For instance, for green, white, red, yellow and dark colors; take broccoli, maitake mushrooms, hot red peppers, squashes, and eggplants. You can mash them up in one dish, if you feel creative. Of course, you can start with two and then increase until you reach five.

When you are ¾ full, stop eating

Many of our weight and health problems originate from our inability to stop when we are full. We overeat and then accumulate the fat, which can lead to many other health problems. First try eating until you’re full, and be careful not to overeat. When you’re accustomed to this regime, it will be easier to stop on ¾. Eating in this way also improves your overall digestion, allowing you to absorb the nutrients from your food.

Walk for 20 minutes each day

It has been know for centuries that walks stimulate our blood flow, which is, in turn, beneficial for our overall health. Aside from the proven benefits to your blood flow and your heart, walking is the perfect gentle exercise for improving digestion and encouraging cleansing of the lymphatic system. Again, you can start small, walking for 5 minutes each day, and then increase incrementally until you reach 20 minutes.

These tips are sure to help you lead a healthy, long life.

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