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It is not good to starteating healthy if you expect to lose weight or improve your externalappearance. One should eat healthy in order to improve overall health and tofeel good. The right food can decrease risk of many diseases and conditions,such as heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and it can improve the state of yourmind.

Healthy eating

The first step is tolearn to “eat smart”, meaning that you need to include different food in yourmenu. Do not believe in every diet and do not deprive yourself from substancesthat your body needs. The key solution is to be moderate in food consumption.We all know that junk food is the main cause of obesity and that it can bevery luring and attempting. If you like to eat it, don’t expel it from yourmenu, just try to eat less of it, and during time, your desire for that foodwill decrease. When in a restaurant, split your dish with a friend, and when athome, use smaller plates in order to reduce the amount. It is always better toeat more often but smaller meals than to overeat once or twice a day. Youshould be in harmony with your body, so while eating, listen to your body andits needs, taste the food and eat slowly. If you eat alone, you willabsentmindedly overeat, and then regret.

Don’t restrain fromfruit and vegetables. The color of the vegetables can determine what vitaminsand minerals are in that vegetable. In green vegetable calcium, potassium,zinc and many others can be found. Sweet vegetable can be an excellent way ofsweetening your meal. And don’t forget the fruit, since it provides our bodywith fiber, a variety of vitamins and minerals. You can enrich your foodwith polyunsaturated fats that are found in fish such as salmon, herring andothers, and those fats have Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids, both of which aregood for the heart.


You can add to your dietdifferent types of proteins. Proteins are found in beans, nut, soy products. Ifyou like eating peanuts, avoid the salt. You don’t have to fill your body withtoo much proteins, instead, find a golden middle and stick to it. If you enjoyin meat, eat chicken or turkey as they are without any hormones andantibiotics. Your bones and theirstrength are also important. In order to have strong bones, you should consumecalcium and vitamin D. If you prefer to eat vegetable, you can findcalcium in kale and collard greens, dried beans and legumes. Don`t restraincompletely from sweets and salt, just try to reduce it. If you have a good planfor healthy eating and keep up with it, you will succeed.

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