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Saving Heart

Regular meals, more fruits, vegetables, whole grains, water, and less alcohol and quitting smoking reduce the risk of heart disease. Heart and blood vessels diseases are among the leading causes of mortality. Obesity, increased cholesterol level, smoking, lack of physical activity, increased blood pressure and stress are the most common risk factors for the development of heart diseases. People can affect these factors, but unfortunately, most of them don't change habits until, they become warned by the disease.

Changing Habits

Smoking greatly increases the risk of occurrence and progression of cardiovascular diseases. Only by cessation of smoking, the risk of cardiovascular diseases associated with smoking is reduced by 50 percent.

Also, some changes in diet are necessary. Healthy heart requires regular eating of equal daily amounts of food divided in at least five smaller meals. Besides that, intake of fruits and vegetables should be increased.

Bad fats should be replaced with olive oil and other oils of vegetable origin (nuts, seeds). It is also recommended to eat more integrated whole grains and legumes. In addition to that, diet should be rich in various proteins. The pork and beef should be replaced with fish, seafood and poultry without the foreskin. Milk products shouldn't be excluded, but those with less fat should be chosen. Intake of fiber - oatmeal, fruits and vegetables should be increased, while salt intake should be reduced.

It is necessary to drink enough water - an adult man in moderate activity needs about eight glasses of water a day. It is very important to point that coffee causes dehydration. Also, it is necessary to stop with bad habits such as smoking and alcohol consuming.

Healthy heart requires enjoying life and everything that brings happiness, pleasure, relaxation, and other so-called positive emotions. Research has shown that the healthiest people are those who are satisfied with their lives.

Finally, one should avoid stress whenever it is possible. Stress is healthy and normal response to danger, and it is impossible to eliminate it. However, one may achieve a lot by changing attitudes and priorities, evaluating what's truly important in life, as well as adopting relaxation techniques.

The Facts

According to the World Health Organization, 17 million people in the world die from cardiovascular diseases each year . About 60 percent of the world's population does not comply with the minimum of recommendations for preserving the health of the heart. This minimum include 30 minutes of moderate physical activity a day, and for children at least 60 minutes.

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