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Providing three meals every day for your family can be a stressful task to say the very least. Not only has one got to think of inventive ways of getting the vegetables into the children, one also must take into consideration the cost, the health factor and of course keeping the meals appealing to everyone. This is a huge undertaking for the stay at home parents let alone the families that all work full time.

Vegetables and Fruits

To keep the cost down and the taste value up, always stick to the fruits and vegetables that are in season at the moment and more often than not the better products are located at the neighboring farmers markets. You can also browse through your news paper for any bargains at the shop, and then bulk buy it to save on the future cost, it is not a problem if you cannot consume it all in the week, just freeze some and save for another week.

Eggs and Pastas

Eggs have an extremely high amount of protein, so you can simply combine some vegetables and scramble the eggs to produce an omelet. An omelet does not just have to be a breakfast option. You can use eggs in rice to add a bit of flavor or add a fried egg cut up into mash potato which the children will love. When choosing a pasta you should always try to pick the whole grain pasta. There is so much you can do with pasta, from adding an already canned sauce to adding some tomato puree, mushrooms and garlic. The choice is endless, you can even invite your children to help so they can appreciate the vegetables that they will be preparing.

Potatoes and Beans

Potatoes are the same as pasta, you can do so much with them. Have them as jacket potatoes with a topping such as cheese and beans, or tuna and sweet corn, or even chicken curry. You can mash them, oven bake them, the choice really is endless. Sheppard’s pie is an easy option, just cook your mince meat with some cut up vegetables and place it in an oven proof dish and layer mash potato on top and of course add a sprinkle of cheese and grill for a few minutes until the cheese melts. There are many different beans which you can add to many different meals. For an example you can add kidney beans to some brown rice to add a bit of flavor.

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