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Jacket potatoes are one of the most famous dishes ever. Everyone loves jacket potatoes, especially when they are done properly with crispy skins, fluffy, buttery potato in the middle with of course a wonderful, delectable filler, whether it is tuna or beans and melted cheese or chicken korma. Unfortunately in today’s day and age our busy life styles dictate to us that everything has to be done quickly and this means the horrid microwavable potatoes which as you know is a vile imitation of the beauty of the real deal.

The Reasons for Eating a Jacket Potato

Jacket potatoes are wonderful meal ideas if you are saving the pennies and/or if you are always in a hurry and just do not have the time to cook. They can be relatively healthy if you add the right fillers and there are so many fillers to choose from you can never get bored. They are also extremely filling for such a small meal. Another bonus of the jacket potato is that kids love them, so if you have a fussy child, why do not try this wonderful recipe and see what kind of magic happens.

Directions for the Perfect Jacket Potato

Firstly pre heat your oven to one hundred and eighty five degrees centigrade. Whilst the oven is heating up, scrub the potato to remove any dirt. This will help to prevent the potato from bursting and will also help the potato cook faster. The cooking process may take an hour depending on the size of the potato. If you want you can cheat just a little bit by putting the potato in the microwave for ten minutes prior to the oven just to speed up the cooking time. You can check to see if it is cooked by sticking a knife into the potato and if it goes easily in then it is cooked. Now cut the potato in half and fluff up the inside.Directions for the Filling Tuna and Sweet Corn

Now, it is the time to add a good dollop of butter to the potato as well as some salt and pepper. Put together in a bowl fifty grams of tuna and thirty grams of sweet corn. You can also add a chopped up spring onion and possibly two teaspoons of mayonnaise. Here is the trick, incorporate a dash of malt vinegar. Now mix it all together and put it on top of your potato.

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