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In today’s society everyone is so busy. It seems there is not enough hours in the day to fit in everything, from going to work, to cleaning, walking the dog and cooking. We as a society are far more aware of the health issues that can be bestowed upon us if we neglect to eat healthily. There was a study conducted that showed from a list of healthy options people preferred salmon out of the fish range. Chicken and turkey were also favorites in the study. So now it is just about knowing how to cook them so they are healthy.

The Winning Course

Pink grapefruit was a winner for a starter with grilled salmon served with leeks, mashed Swede and green beans and dressed with a little soy sauce for the main course and for desert blueberry pavalova. It was suggested that instead of using whipped cream on the blueberry pavalova, try a yogurt as the dressing.

Easy Healthy Meal Ideas for the Main Course - Fish

Firstly let’s look at the favorite fish meal ideas. Serving a grilled tuna fish with a salad always comes as an easy, healthy meal as does salmon with asparagus and steamed new potatoes. Another much loved fish dish is the baked coley which is served with roasted Mediterranean vegetables that are seasoned with balsamic vinegar and a little garlic. The grilled salmon that is dry-marinated with herbs and some pepper is an additional favorite. Many people will vote for the broiled salmon served with brown rice and steamed Asian vegetables and also include sesame oil dressing. Lastly, a further preferred fish dish is the king prawns that are grilled and served on a bed of rice noodles along with stir-fried vegetables coupled with a little melted cheese.

Easy Healthy Meal Ideas for the Main Course -Meat

Turkey and chicken are the number one favourites. The easiest meal that is healthy to make is the turkey casserole with tomatoes and sweet corn as well as the turkey curry and rice which is great for using the leftover turkey after Christmas. An added preferred meat dish that is healthy is the grilled chicken breast with a Caesar salad or even the chicken breast topped with a little mozzarella and then grilled until the cheese is browned, it is then served on a bed of wilted spinach. Finally another favourite is the sweet and sour chicken served on a bed of brown rice.

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