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The English people love their fish and chips. However, nowadays, diets and looking thin are very important to many people so they tend to avoid the unhealthy foods such as fish and chips.

Fish is Good for You

Fish contains a lot of protein and fortunately is low in its fat content. Fish is a wonderfully nutritious food that has a low calorie content, is lean and if you choose a white fish then you are choosing to have lots of vitamins and lots of minerals. Oily fish are very good for us as they have omega three in them. Fish with omega three are salmon, trout and herring.

Chips Can be Good for You

We all know chips to be greasy, soggy, salty potato sticks that are not good for us. However if you take care to cook them correctly then they will become a good foundation of carbohydrate. The potato also has vitamin C in it which the body cannot make this vitamin by itself so it is imperative that you supplement it. Below is a recipe for cooking your very own version of truly healthy fish and chips.

Recipe for Healthy Fish and Chips

The recipe will allow enough servings for four people or possibly five. Firstly, let’s talk about the chips, get your oven pre heated to four hundred and twenty five degrees. While you’re waiting for the oven to heat up, peel and cut the potatoes to the size of chips you want, chunkier the better. Then toss the chips in an olive oil mixed with a little salt and a little pepper. Basically cook the chips until they look done, which is crunchy looking and slightly browned. Most people like to flip the chips once during the cooking process to ensure an even colouring. Everyone will recommend a different length of cooking time. However just check and flip after twenty minutes and make an estimate, you can’t really go wrong. Now let’s move onto talking about the fish. Preferably use a halibut fillet like tilapia or cod as well. Use two pounds of fish that is around one and a half inches thick. You will need one and a half cups of breadcrumbs preferably Japanese and two teaspoons of chopped parsley. Also get ready one tablespoon of kosher salt and the same amount of thinly grated peel of a lemon. You will also be requiring quarter a table spoon of pepper and three egg whites coupled with quarter a cup of dark ale and three table spoons of olive oil, preferably extra virgin. Cut the fish into sticks add all ingredients to fish sticks apart from egg whites and ale which you will mix in a bowl and then dip the fish into them. Now simply cook for about two minutes on each side.

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