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In today's frantic pace of life, it is getting harder and harder to find time to commit to one thing that really matters; your health. Awareness for need of healthy diet is present, but sometimes, day id just too short. But if you are not healthy, you will not be up to the daily tasks. So what ever it takes, you must find some time during the day to have a healthy meal.

In order to help you with that, here is some ideas for healthy meals of the day, which are relatively simple to prepare, does not need much time and above all, it is healthy.

Healthy breakfast recipe ideas

Pancakes or frittersIt is very important for healthy diet to balance well all of food groups and to experiment with various meals. Fritters are good for experimenting for breakfast ideas, and they are very variable. You can use grain like millet or quinoa, and add to it some eggs, flour and liquid, or you can use vegetables like sweet potatoes, zucchini or spaghetti squash. You can also add some spices or herbs for different flavors.

Another healthy breakfast idea is oat pancakes. This version of American classic breakfast choice differs from the original in a way that it has lots of flavors and fiber, and it is lighter.

Healthy lunch recipe ideas

Vegetable deluxe sandwichThis type of sandwich is full of various healthy nutricients and it a lots of calories, too. Humus that is a part of sandwich provides lots of proteins, and the avocado has a healthy fats. You can also mix it with in various ways to make it versatile, like with various veggies, humus or other flavors.

Various sandwiches that you can make yourselfBecause most workplaces have refrigerators, it is very convenient for you to bring your own home made sandwich to the work for lunch or snack. Making your own sandwiches can save you money, your health and time. You can bring to work tomato, loaf of bread, cucumber, meat, and other vegetables and make the sandwich when you need it.

Healthy snacks recipe ideas

Healthy way of eating also includes snacks. In times when you have no time for proper meal snack can help you to keep your energy and blood sugar level in order. Hers is some ideas for healthy snacks;

Popcorns are great and very popular choice of many, for snack. You can pop your own popcorns and add various spices for taste, like onion powder or curry.

Nuts and fruits are also excellent choices for healthy snacks. Nuts are very nutritious and convenient to carry and they need no preparation. Fresh fruit is great energy and sugar booster.

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