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This delicious dish may be tasty and convenient, but it's not always the healthiest meal choice. Tuna salad is generally considered to be a delicious but unhealthy, mayonnaise-filled food. But, if one is looking to lose weight, or just embracing good life habits, tuna is a great addition to the diet. It is a great protein source that gives energy and helps to build muscles. Here is how you can make a healthy tuna salad to fit into weight loss programs and a healthy diet.


For this delicious healthy tuna salad sandwich recipe we need: canned tuna (in water), sweet relish, celery, onion, Dijon mustard, green olives, tomato, salt, pepper, mescaline lettuce, cucumber, parmesan cheese, and low calorie high fiber bread.

A small bowl, a spoon, a can opener, a small strainer, a knife and a cutting board are the kitchen appliances that are going to be used in the process of preparation.

It is extremely important to use tuna canned in water, because it is much healthier than tuna canned in oil. It tastes as good as the tuna kept in oil but it is lower on calorie count. One can of tuna is enough for two sandwiches. Bread used for this meal has 40 to 60 calories per slice and it is made of whole grain. Those are easy to find in local grocery stores.


Bread should be placed in the toaster oven. Untoasted bread may also be used for this recipe. Our suggestion is to use toasted bread because the crisp bread holds the salad better.

Open a can of tuna and put the contents in a small strainer. Run the tuna under the cold water to lessen the characteristic fishy smell. Any excess water should be removed using a paper towel. Place the tuna into a small bowl and chop one celery stalk, one slice of onion and three green olives and mix it well with the tuna. Add a small dollop of Dijon mustard into the bowl and sprinkle salt and pepper to add taste. Stir all of the ingredients together until it is well mixed. It is important to break all of the large chunks.

Now that the tuna salad is ready it can be spread over the bread. One can add thin slices of tomato, cucumber and parmesan on top of the tuna salad sandwich and cap it with a couple of pieces of lettuce and a final piece of bread.

The total caloric value of the sandwich is less than 300 calories, it is packed with fiber and fresh vegetables and it makes a perfect lunch or dinner.

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