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Nutrition in Pregnancy

It is very important to eat healthy during pregnancy. This does not mean stop eating baked food or cakes, but such meals should be spaced, while vegetables, fruits, dairy products and high quality grain should become a part of everyday’s diet. If a woman has had bad habits related to diet before pregnancy, consumption of healthy food will help her look and feel better.

What to Eat?

Woman needs more energy and nutrients during pregnancy and so does the child that grows inside her. Pregnancy menu should consist of different kinds of fruits, vegetables, seafood, legumes, cereal, rice, and pasta - because they are poor in fat but contain a lot of energy, vitamins and minerals. All of the above, except for fruits and vegetables, is an important source of protein. Breads, cereal, rice, pasta, legumes, vegetables and fruits are also important sources of carbohydrates.

Chicken, turkey, red meat, liver, eggs, milk, cheese, yogurt, hazelnuts, almonds and seeds are also very useful because of proteins, minerals and vitamins that they contain. All of these products, except milk, are good suppliers of iron and zinc, while milk, yogurt, cheese and other diary products are rich in calcium. Every listed food contains a certain amount of fat that is also necessary for pregnant women.

Food that Should be Avoided

Most kinds of the fat, sugar, salt and alcohol have little nutritional value. Many ready-made or half-made meals contain high concentrations of fat and sugar, so they should be avoided. These foods are not dangerous in small quantities, but large amounts of them can cause health problems.

Steps to good nutrition during pregnancy:Consume various foods.Eat lots of brown bread and cereal, vegetables, fruits and legumes. Eat foods poor in fat. Maintain optimal body weight by regulating the amount of food you consume. Do not drink alcohol during pregnancy. Eat moderate amounts of sugar and foods containing sugar supplements. Choose moderately salty food. Think about breastfeeding before hand. Drinking fruit juices and lots of fresh milk will benefit your ability to breastfeed.Eat foods that contain calcium and iron. And finally, enjoy every meal you have, because it is the driving force for the development of your baby. If you have healthy eating habits, pregnancy will pass much easier than in women who believe that they should "eat for two." Unnecessary weight acquired during pregnancy may be only obstacle for easier delivery and quicker recovery after the childbirth.

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