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You can teach your children healthy eating habits from the early age, and by doing that, you can set them in to right direction for the rest of their lives, so you yourself must learn how to implement healthy diet on them. Healthy diet for children is one of the most important parts in parent’s efforts to see their children healthy. Healthy diet for children has a short term advantages (healthy child), and also a long term ones (emotional stability and improved school performance).

Because children do not grow and develop at the same rate all the time, you must adapt the healthy diet for each stage of the children’s growth and development. First step is usually for parent to understand what exactly is healthy for their children to eat. Every good healthy diet must contain variety of foods like vegetables, milk and other dairy products, fruits, grains, etc. Amounts and quantities of each food group depend of children’s age, and it is best for parents to consult an expert on that.

Healthy eating habits for children

As a general rule children should consume a variety of fruits and vegetables on a daily basis. Also low fat or non fat dairy products should be used, instead of whole fat ones. Ideal proportion, according to experts, should be that amount of daily intake of fats should be art 25-35% percent of total amount of daily calories.

Parent must provide their children with healthy food choices, but the also must set good example themselves, by eating healthy food. Children in their young age, tends to follow the example set by parents, and this fact should make it easier for parents. Also, despite someone’s packed scheduler, parent should make extra effort to eat meals together as a family, if not all of them, than at least supper.

Best way to set example for little child in cases of healthy eating habits and good nutrition, is to make it a family matter. If parent educate themselves about importance of healthy eating and ways of how to do it, it will be easier for them to later set an example for their children to follow.

If you have any problem in adapting your child to a healthy food, best way to overcome it is to provide the child with variety of nutritious foods, and the child will easier choose something of that. Also having meals on regular basis is very important step in teaching your children healthy eating habits.

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