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Obesity in dogs

Many people cannot deny the cute stare of a dog when they are eating and constantly feed their pets table scraps. This can lead to the obesity in dogs, which is very unhealthy for them.

Obesity in a dog can lead to problems such as diabetes, pancreatitis, arthritis and heart disease.

However, there are healthy snacks that can be given to the dog when the puppy eyes are too strong to ignore, which will allow a person to feed their pet snacks and keep them healthy as well.

Healthy treats for dogs

Vegetables are foods that most dogs love and many can see dogs eating grass when hanging out in the backyard. This is because before they were domesticated, dogs hunted and also ate the vegetables and vegetation that were located in the entrails of their prey.

Dogs should love some cooked beans, carrots and peas, and they might like them raw as well.

Rice, popcorn and pasta are other healthy treat for dogs. Instead of a high fat treat, dogs can be given a rice cake or cooked rice, which will control the dogs weight.

Pasta is also great and it is an excellent way to give a dog what it wants without worrying about excess calories.

Instead of letting the dog lick the remnants of a child’s ice cream bowl, given them some cottage cheese or plain yogurt instead.

Egg whites are also a delicious treat for any dog.

Prescription diets for dogs

Sometimes a dog’s veterinarian will recommend a prescription diet, especially if the dog is obese. In this case, a lot of treats will have to be eliminated. The best substitute for such a situation is a canned formulation. There are also dry versions available that are just as tasty. If the dog does not want to the eat them, however, they can be tempted to do so by having the food served on a tasty cracker, for example.

Possible allergiesSome pets can be allergic to certain types of food, and the allergies are usually caused by foods that contain artificial additives such as dyes, flavoring and preservatives. If a pet is sensitive to these types of things, there are hypoallergenic treats that they can be given instead. Just ask the person working at the pet store and they will be able to point you into the right direction, since most of the workers are usually very knowledgeable regarding the kinds of products they sell.

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