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Having a pet

If you decide on having a pet,you should be aware that they also need the regular visits to the vet and a propercare. It is done at least once a year, when they have to get regular shots andwhen they are examined thoroughly, while their owners are advised about how tocare for pets. According to the latest information, heartworm is a potentiallyfatal disease, making it difficult to treat. It can be prevented from appearingif you give your pet Heartgard Plus (ivermectin/pyrantel). Symptoms are not soobvious; they can include a cough or intolerance in dogs. One dog can have oneto 250 worms, and a cat 1-3 worms. Symptoms in cats are similar and can causedeath, so it is important to prevent the appearance of pinworms.

Tips for pet owners

First of all, you should maintainthe temperature of the place where your pet spends the most of its time,because in that way you can prevent heat stroke, which is very dangerous inanimals. If you notice symptoms such as vomiting, or increased breathing indogs, then it can be a sign that your dog’s temperature is increased and thathe is experiencing a heat stroke. Make sure that your pets have plenty of waterand shade. It is especially emphasized that you should not use ice or coldwater in cooling them.

Maintain hygiene of you pets,since that way you can ensure they don`t have fleas and ticks. Fleas may causedermatitis, while ticks may cause Lyme disease, which is very dangerous. Youcan use a product that cleans them from flies and ticks, such as Frontlinebrand products. Keep the hygiene of their teeth and prevent dentalproblems that may cause severe pain or even tooth loss. This can be a cause ofsome other medical problems such as diseases of heart, liver, kidneys andlungs. There are toothbrushes on the market that are specially designed fordogs. Pay close attention to what they eat and give them food that is approvedby the Association of American Feed Control Officials.

Do different types of exercisewith them, so they do not get fat and so they maintain their flexibility. Cleanyour backyard from any poisonous plants that your dog may eat and poison withit. Put the children’s toys in some remote place where the dog can’t find it achoke if swallowing it.


But the most important tip is tolove your pet with all your heart and it will return double. Spend quality timewith a pet and ensure that it is happy and you will see that you will lead abetter life.

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