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Dog food

There are a number of the different cans and foods for our pet dog, but the problem is that most of it does not look so healthy. We are living in an industry world, and most of the food sold, even for humans, is processed. So you have to pay attention what you buy for your dog, since it is important to get all the daily nutrients the dog requires.


A dog diet should consist of 40% of meat, 50% of vegetables and 10% of carbohydrates during one day, so try to look for a food with these numbers. Next, meat proteins are very important, so try to include them as much as you can. This is a pre-cooked meal, since further coking may reduce the number of proteins. Food like venison, lamb or chicken meal are such meals. These are the main ingredients, but there may be bones, feet or something else, because some of the meals have heads, intestines and feet by law.

Cornmeal and wheat can also find its way to the meal. Try to shop meals without the corn, because it is just used to enhance the energy given, by reducing the meat proteins found in the main ingredients of the meals. They reduce the number of meat proteins, while getting the same amount of energy by adding corn. Remember that whole grains must be used since they are much healthier because of the minerals, vitamins and fiber. Cheap food is usually filled with fillers such as corn. Dogs can be vegetarians, but since they are carnivores, that chance may not be something they like.

Dog food has preservatives and the ones you will have to look out for are Ethoyquin, BHT and BHA. Remember that expensive food is usually healthier. Also, holistic food is an excellent choice, since it has all the nutrients the dog needs and it is natural. This dog food passes many testes before it comes on the shelves of the stores. Some say that if you do not want to eat it something, you should not give it to your dog either but human and canine foods should be different since the needs are also different.

You can also make the food on your own, since there are many recipes available on the web. Dogs differ in need, so it may be a good idea to visit the veterinarian in order to see what the best food for your pet is. Dog's excrement can be of help in determining if the dog is properly feeding. The excrement which is healthy is blood and mucus free and firm. If you are changing the nutrition of your dog, it is important to do it gradually. Gradually remove the old food, while slowly incorporating the new one. Sometimes the budget will restrain you, but just do the best you can. Remember never to give your dog nuts, chocolate, onions, raisins and grapes since they are toxic.

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