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We and Dogs Have Many Things in Common

As the title itself suggests, being both living organisms here on Earth, our and our canine friend's organisms function on a similar basis. Therefore, just as we can get overweight and sick from eating excessive and inadequate food, our dog can too. For this reason, it is important to pay attention when giving your dog food and treats, so as not to cause it excessive weight and health problems. You may consult with a veterinarian about it, or take your dog to an examination getting a professional diet advice. However, you can also read on and learn about healthy treats being more than good for your best friend's health.

Healthy Dog Food and Treats

You have probably seen your beloved pet eating grass or some greens at one point of its life or another. This serves as a clear indicator that dogs are not strictly carnivores, but rather, have affinities towards plant consumption as well. That being said, you may introduce cooked carrots or peas, as well as many other vegetables into the dog's diet. It will surely love it and accept it along with its daily meat or dog food portions.

Additionally, if you desire to provide your dog with meals rich in nutritive values, while low in fats and carbohydrates, consider the following choices. You may cook your friend some rice and serve it as a healthy meal. Also, you can make popcorns without using oil, salt or butter, and surprise your dog with them. Both will provide excellent snacks, taking care of the dog's weight in the process. Pasta presents a valuable addition, and many dogs love it. Therefore, you may surprise your dog with it, enriching its healthy diet.

Boiling several eggs and removing the yolk presents another excellent choice for your dog's diet. The white has the most proteins, thus being highly recommended, while the yolk can freely be left out, since all of the fat resides within it. Spice the creation up with some milk cream or yogurt and serve cold, providing your pet with a wonderful treat.

Finally, sometimes your dog, either for health or some other reasons, needs to go on a specific diet, prescribed by the veterinarian. In such cases, it is important to find the exact mixture of the recommended food. Usually, a canned alternative of the food can be purchased. Then, you may bake the slices of it before serving them to your dog. Creativity is always recommended. Make sure your dog is not allergic to any kind of food, and, if it is, avoid it at all times.

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