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Healthy food combinations

A lot of people are not aware that certain food combinations can be bad for them and their digestive system. Some claim that milk and meat should never be eaten together in the same meal. This may have something to do with religious dictum but the truth is that milk and meat cannot be digested together. A person who does this may experience indigestion, toxins and putrefaction of food.

Scientists have proven that not all food groups are digested in the same way and with the usage of same chemicals. Even the times are not the same. If a person wishes to have a healthy digestive system, he or she should make sure that they intake proper food combinations. Food that does not get digested stays in the stomach and rots there. This leads to the release of toxic gases and in time a person may get some disorder which will not be treated easily. Even if that does not happen a person will most likely experience constipation, nervous disorders and even a slowdown of metabolism.

A recent study have announced that an average male citizen of the United States carries in his digestive system some five pounds of undigested red meat. In order to prevent this from happening, a person should start planning his or her meals.

Meal plans

The first combination a person should avoid consuming in the same meal is starch and acids. A good example of what to avoid is white bread and citrus juices or fats and sugars. If a person wants to have a normal digestive system he or she should never eat bread and potatoes with oranges and pineapple for instance.

Nuts, seeds, dried beans and peas, peanuts, lentils, milk, eggs and cheese are all rich with proteins and they should never be consumed with foods which are rich in carbohydrates like potatoes, lima beans, yams, artichokes, pumpkins and grains. Another thing to remember is not to have more than one source of protein in one meal. Proteins need acids, and carbohydrates commonly trigger the flowing of alkalines when they are digested which results in cancelling one another. Because of this nothing will be digested. That is how food stays in the stomach and that is the cause of several disorders.

A person should also know that desserts are not supposed to be eaten at the end of the meal.

If a person eats a melon then he or she should not eat another fruit because a melon cannot be digested with anything else. Also, acid fruits should not be combined with sweet ones.

A good combination is proteins and low starch or green vegetables. For instance, meat and leafy vegetables.

Both white and red wine should never be drank in a combination with ale or beer. On the other hand, wine goes with whiskey.

Another thing a person should remember is not to overeat.

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