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We will talk about a subject thatwill be interesting to someone. How many times have you seen a dog scratch andscratch on every five minutes? Is seems like the every dog scratches itselfnumerous times during the day. Well, in this text we will touch on this subjectand try to present reasons for that kind of a behavior.

Herbs that can be used in the treatment

Many diverse reasons can be responsiblefor dog itching, but the most common are improper nutrition, allergies, dryskin, mange, skin parasites or skin infection. Most of us are skeptical aboutthe sprays that are being sold at the stores, because they may have someunwanted effects on our pet. There are many natural remedies that can help withthis problem.

If the dog is suffering from a skin parasite or infection, twoherbs can be used, and there is no need for worrying that the dog may lick itand cause another problem. Those two herbs are thyme and marigold, which is alsoknown as calendula. They are very effective with infection of the skin, andthyme will also be effective with parasites that have produced the problem. Ifyou try these two herbs, the skin will be restored to normal in very shorttime.

Also, you can buy thyme or calendula tea bags and make some tea, since thesetwo herbs are very effective in this form. But remember to make a strong tea.This is how you can do this. When you make tea, use two bags of tea for one cupof water. When the tea is made, you can put it in the dog’s shampoo or use aspray bottle. Both ways are quite effective.

In some cases, olive can beuseful. Use this remedy if the skin of the dog is dry and flaky. If the dog hasthis kind of skin, it can suggest lack of oil in the system. Also, you can putone tablespoon in dog’s food, which will provide the needed oil that canned dogfood usually is in lack of. Remember that olive oil has no cholesterol and itis much healthier than butter and corn oil. The use of this remedy will bringshininess to your dog's fur. Olive oil can be used orally or it can be usedtopically. If used topically, it will reduce the itchiness. Be careful whendoing this, since dogs will transfer olive oil to other stuff, such asfurniture.

At the end, the last remedy we will give you is fish oil. It is asgood as olive oil. It will make the fur healthier and it will remove theitching. You can put this oil in the food or give the dog one capsule duringthe day.

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