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Dinner is one of the three basic meals and although not so important as the breakfast, for example, it is equally an important to make a healthy and nutritious meal for the supper. However, there should be at least five smaller meals during one day, in order to enable the healthiest digestion and metabolism. So, first of all, the portion for dinner must be smaller.

But, at this point, it should be emphasized that the dinner must be as light as possible and, in the same time, it must satisfy the appetite and hunger. Also, it is very dangerous for both, the health and the dietary regime if one gets used to go to bed being full, because, that way the fats and the carbohydrates tend to just pile up into the body. Because of that, the dinner mustn’t be eaten after the 8 PM in the evening.

So, it is better to choose the veggies, whole grains or fruits for dinner, instead of the mentioned harmful stuff, because they are rich in the basic nutrients (minerals, vitamins and fibers). And, here are some recommended ideas for preparing a healthy dinner.

Some of the healthiest dinners

For example, the dinner could be based on the fish, since it is the lightest form of meat. One way is to bake the salmon fillets with the slices of onion and tomatoes, to which could be added a little bit of the marinade based on the garlic and the freshly squeezed lime juice. Tuna is also a good choice for the supper and it could be prepared with macaroni, tomato, ground garlic, suitable condiments and a little bit of the non-caloric parmesan.

When it comes to the other types of the meat, the beef and the breasts of turkey are both appropriate for eating them in the evening. Turkey meat can be also replaced by the chicken white meat and the popular recipe for these meats is with added carbohydrates, that is with tortillas and the veggies such as eggplant and potato. The beef, however must be processed with heat for the longer period of time, since it is less chewable. The healthiest way to prepare it is with is on a grill, and to eat it along with the salad made of the veggies and the soy sauce.

It is important to prepare the meals which are easily digested, and thus the absorption of the beneficial nutrients is increased. And, concerning this point, the vegetarian meals should be introduced from time to time for the dinner. So, it is recommendable to combine the following: mushrooms with onion, garlic, tomato and mustard, for example, and all of the ingredients should be fried on a little bit of oil. This is just one of the many ideas, but the possibilities are really endless.

Or, the dinner could be based on, or made entirely of the fruits, why not. Here are some of the tasteful and healthy ideas, based on the fat-free yogurt: grilled pear slices with the mixture of raspberries and yogurt, the apples processed in the oven with a pinch of sugar and cinnamon (raisins could be added also), or the salad made of the melon and raspberries could be eaten in the fresh form.

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