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Many families look forward to the Sunday roast. It’s not just about the food that is served but because of the busy world we live in today, we don’t get time during the week to sit around the dinner table and relax with the whole family. That is what Sunday’s roasts are reserved for, no matter what, everything must stop and the entire family will sit and enjoy the luxuries of the marvelous Sunday roast. The oven-roasted meat, the crunchy roast potatoes or the buttery mash, coupled with a selection of vegetables, and plus the thick gravy makes for a delicious-smelling traditional Sunday dinner. The down side to the roast dinner is the saturated fats.

The Sunday Roast Potatoes and Meat

It is important to try to eat less rather than overindulge. Instead of eating the traditional roast potatoes that are covered in oil and lard try tossing the part-boiled potatoes in olive oil, and don’t add more oil to the baking tray, afterwards absorb any excess fat following cooking with the kitchen paper. You can also try keeping the potatoes in their skins and brushing them with a little olive oil prior to roasting. The better-value meats are beef brisket and lamb shoulder which you can pot roast, or slow cook the meats until they are pleasant and tender. Chicken is good value for money for the reason that there is little wastage. Chicken has a little fat and the majority is edible. Afterwards you can even use the bones to make the basis of a tasty stock or soup. Meat is a good basis of protein, therefore it cannot be overlooked. Basting the meat in lashings of fat, especially, butter which holds two cholesterol-raising ingredients called dietary cholesterol and saturated fat is not good for you.

The Sunday Roast Vegetables and Gravy

Many of the vegetables you put on the Sunday roast plate have nutrients such as vitamin C and iron, and will be especially good for you if they are steamed rather than boiled to the point they are shriveled. Instead of adding salt or butter to add a little flavor try pepper or a sprinkling of grated nutmeg. For the gravy, use the juice from the meat but make sure you drain off as much of the excess fat as you can.

The Sunday Roast Pudding

A Sunday roast would be incomplete without a pudding at the end. To try and minimize the calorie damage you can serve an apple pie or a fruit crumble of some sort.

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