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Good or Bad?

While being a cherished meal of many, garlic bread is still claimed to be unhealthy because of its ingredients. Namely, this type of food consists simply of bread and garlic. Health benefits of garlic, and its incredible importance for one's well being need no introduction. However, the bread part is often questioned and doubted when it comes to healthy qualities. Namely, bread and the butter that goes with it, offer nothing more than pure calories, meaning that the only thing you are able to gain are a few extra pounds. Every ingredient of this garlic bread has its own positive and negative characteristics and, by getting informed, you can improve it or decide not to consume it at all.

Characteristics of Garlic Bread Ingredients

First of all, there is white bread. This ingredient is considered unwanted in diets of many people, all for its negative qualities. It is made from a type of flour the least healthy for us. All this food provides is excessive intake of carbohydrates, which are transferred into fat and piled up in our organism, making us overweight in time.

Secondly, there is butter. Notorious for its excessive calorie value, this ingredient, combined with the previously mentioned white bread, guarantee your increase in body weight. Although butter has its own, highly pleasant taste, it still does not offer anything more, let alone healthy.

Possible Improvements

Knowing all the negative aspects of the current ones, it is not so hard to think about any ingredient replacements which would make this snack more healthy. Since the first potentially harmful element is the white bread, replace it with a more healthy one, thus reducing risks of getting overweight and providing your body sufficient instead of excessive amounts of carbohydrates. Instead of butter, you can use olive oil margarine. This margarine is much less caloric and possesses valuable omega3 fatty acids which have many health benefits. Finally, make sure you use fresh garlic since, it is the healthiest in that condition.

Making all these simple re-adjustments to your beloved garlic bread will make you healthy and happy, while maintaining all the qualities you loved about this snack. Nevertheless, bear in mind that portion size does matter and make sure you pay attention to how much you eat. Regardless of the fact that these recommended types of garlic bread are better and healthier, you should still pay attention to the amount consumed. Eat smaller portions more frequently and enjoy all the benefits this garlic bread can offer.

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