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Bee pollen has been used since ancient times to improve the overall well being and to help people look young and fresh. The first man who wrote about beneficial effects of bee pollen was the Chinese emperor Shen Nung. After him many people wrote about this great supplement and its positive impact on human health. It was especially said that bee pollen has got ability to slow down skin aging.

In modern times, many European scientists wrote about bee pollen. However it was neglected in America in the middle of 20th century due to flourishing of pharmaceutical industry. Nowadays it became popular and used again. A German scientist Dr G Liebold, wrote that bee pollen is great product for maintaining young and healthy skin and that it should be used in geriatric treatment. He and many other researchers wrote that bee pollen gives people more energy, improves metabolism and can prevent and treat many cardiovascular illnesses (arteriosclerosis, cerebral insufficiency etc).

Since it regulates metabolism it is good for people who want to lose weight. Due to its richness of lecithin it can dissolve and flush excessive fat from our systems. By doing so it lowers down bad LDL cholesterol from blood.

As a good source of natural phenylalanine, an amino acid, it can serve as natural appetite suppressant and can also eliminate cravings. Different from synthetic appetite suppressants bee pollen will not artificially suppress appetite if you do not suffer from extra weight.

Bee pollen can improve sexual performance since it is beneficial for our mental and physical state and our hormones. Bee Pollen has got a gonadotropic hormone which resembles sex gland hormone gonadotropin (hormone from pituary gland) . Therefore bee pollen can help impotent men to improve their sperm count and also to improve their self confidence. It needs to be consumed regularly for at least a month in such cases.

Noel Johnson, a marathon runner wrote that he consumes bee pollen on regular basis in order to endure marathon races.

Bee pollen is great for women too since it can help in relieving discomforts of PMS.

Bee pollen is known to boost our immune system and generally help us stay healthy and strong.

New researches show that it can prevent or at least delay several types of cancers. Dr Robinson made a research on mice and confirmed that bee pollen indeed has anti-cancer properties.

Hopefully one day people will realize how important is to use and treat ourselves with natural products such as bee pollen.

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