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People are forgetting what love means nowadays. They stopped hugging, kissing and showing affection to each other. By doing this they start leading life that is empty and that brings sadness.

Hugs are the most natural way to show love, affection, understanding or comfort to someone. Sincere hug will show someone that you care about him or her. By hugging someone you will say hello and you will accept someone.

Juan Mann is a man that started with an interesting project called ‘’free hugs’’. This project can help anyone who is lonely to feel good again.

Hugging is a powerful way to get rid of stress and to connect with people. It is our natural urge to love and connect to each other. By giving free hugs you will make anyone’s day.

The research has been conducted showing that hugs produce oxytocin, a "bonding" hormone. Oxytocin influences social recognition, bonding, and building trust among people. By hugging we lower cortisol, the stress hormone. Cortisol is responsible for high blood pressure and slowing of metabolism. Combination of these two lead to gaining weight.

Dr. Charmaine Griffiths claims that people who are supported, loved and hugged by loved ones stand better chances to prevent or cure all illnesses connected with heart.

Dr. Karen Grewen said that hugging and showing affection are beneficial for all people, especially women. Hugging increases level of oxytocin bringing emotional stability and physical health.

A study from UNC-Chapel Hill was conducted on 100 adults showing that hugging protects heart from damaging influence of anger.

David Bresler did an amazing test on a woman who suffered from different types of pain in the body. After her husband gave her four hugs every day, her physical condition started improving.

Dr. Dolores Krieger proved that when we touch each other, and especially when we hug, we increase the production of hemoglobin which brings oxygen throughout our entire body. In this way we feel that we are healthy and full of energy.

In order to benefit from hugs these hugs need to be open and sincere.

If we give A-frame hug, half-hug, chest-to-chest burp, wallet-rub, jock-twirl and similar imitations of true, warm hugging, we show nothing but fear from each other. This will not leave positive impact on our health.

A real hug includes whole body. In this way you protect your heart, fell younger and fit and maintain friendships and love with people.

If you hug every day you will simply feel happy. Do not be afraid of people, relax and hug as many people as possible.

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