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Pollen grains make up pollen and they are basicallyreproductive cells that have two nuclei. Pollen grains have one generativenucleus, one tube nucleus and non-reproductive cells as well. There is also acell wall, also called intestine, which has high level of cellulose. It isprotected by the hard outer covering. Pollen moves from flower to flower andthey need its protection.

Allergy Causes

The immune system can be hampered and this makes way for the allergies to occur.When we come in contact with certain natural substances, like chemicals orfoods, an allergy might happen. It occurs when we make physical contact, inhale oringest these natural substances. Immune system decides which of the naturalsubstances is essential and which is not, and those which are not are treated asforeign body. If this happens, antibodies are developed by the immune system(they are called histamines) and they are the weapons for battling these foreign bodies. Antibodies degeneration in the body systemis caused by the proteins found in the pollen, dust or foods. Additionalproblems, such as inflammatory reactions and affected lungs, organs, mucousmembranes and tissue will happen as well.

Bee Pollen

Bees need to feed and they get pollen from certain flowers that serve them asfood. Bee pollen is very nutritious and it has vitamin complexes, enzymes,proteins, essential fatty acids, carbohydrates and so on. As you can see, it isa food with high nutritional values, which can also fight with theallergy symptoms if used regularly as dietary supplement or a part of ournutrition.

Bee Pollen and Allergies

In England, more precisely London, bee pollen was first used for treatingallergies. Desensitization is the term used for the treatment of allergies withthe help from bee pollen. Bee pollen is a harmful irritant and the treatment weare talking about comprises of bee pollen consumption in smaller quantities.The bee pollen affects the immune system and makes it stronger when it reachesthe blood flow. The stopping of the allergic reaction is achieved by increasingthe production of histamines, which can be caused by the bee pollen. No hyperreaction occurs and the problem is dealt with after the use of bee pollen. Someof the benefits refer to the treatment of urinary disorders, migraineheadaches, bronchitis, asthma caused by pollen and hay fever.


People with severe reactions to bee pollen and bee sting canexhibit certain problems with the conduction of this treatment, so they shouldnot use this remedy. It can lead to anaphylactic shock, which causes mouth,throat and tongue swelling and it can affect the breathing and even restrain it. Soyou can see that it can even cause death among some people. Also, if you arehaving asthma, see a doctor before starting to use bee pollen.

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